Everything's fine


A hounded times have I thought New York is a catastrophe and fifty times: It is a beautiful catastrophe.


– Le Corbusier, When the Cathedrals Were White

Record social inequalities, privatised prison system creating contemporary forms of slavery, high homicide rate, common drug abuse – some of the features existing in United States from years seem to come close to breaking point. Big part of society stands in unshakable faith in country greatness, the faith that mutes critical thinking and becomes particularly American form of social apathy.

The fall is not equal in country space and time – if Detroit can be an example of last stage decay, then New York City can be seen as initial scenes of some classic catastrophic movie: hidden apocalyptic harbingers are gaining strength, but remain ousted by participants until critical moment when destruction begins at full power and with no return. Intercepting this movie narrative I'm looking for this hidden tension on NYC streets.




© Baltazar Fajto 2018