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photo by Małgorzata Kundera



I was born in 1989 in Katowice, was raised in Cracow, live in Warsaw. Thanks to frequent changes of perspectives my artistic interest is pointed towards relation of human and place, experience of loss and role of nostalgia in establishing identities of individual and society. I value photography as my method for possibility of taking action with opened questions, leaving eventual answers for the end. My first photobook premiere will take place this fall.


Selected exhibitions:

Voyagers Record – SKALA Gallery, Poznań, 2018

Wystaw się w CSW – Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej, Toruń, 2018

Eastreet 4 – Centrum Spotkania Kultur, Lublin, 2017,

Debuts – travelling exhibition, 2017,

Best diplomas of Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow – Pałac Sztuki, Cracow, 2016,

Hestia Artistic Journey XV edition finalists – Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, 2016,

Les Gueules Noires de l’Europe – le Bâtiment des Machines du 9-9bis (Lille, FR), 2015

Kůra Festival – Kutna Hora (CZ), 2015,

Futurism. Visions of future – Rzeszów, 2014


Selected publications:

Eastreet 4 (print),

F5 (www),

Debuts (print),

HUF Magazine (www)



Graphic Arts department, diploma in Photography Studio I, Academy of Fine Arts Cracow,

Fashion photography workshops, Photography Academy Warsaw




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